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Madison Parish Hospital's History

Madison Parish Hospital was erected in 1956 and opened to the public in April 1957. The first administration of the Hospital was that of an Order of Catholic Sisters from France. Later in the year 1958, the administration changed to an order of sisters of Saint Francis of Sylvania Ohio. These sisters kept the Hospital open until August 1, 1970 at which time they were recalled and the Hospital closed. 

As the result of public concern, the Madison Parish Police Jury contracted a feasibility study regarding the possible reopening of the Hospital. In March 1972 the Hospital reopened with a Board of Advisors from throughout the community. In January of 1998 the Madison Parish Service District Board assumed the operation of the hospital. 

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The main objectives may be summarized as follows: 

1. To provide our patients with the optimal medical, nursing, and ancillary care possible, within the scope of our offered services. 

2. To render, through administrative, nursing, and ancillary staff, prompt, efficient and friendly service, and to be ever alert to progress in rendering this service. 

3. To offer the facilities and necessary equipment for the medical, nursing, and ancillary services to treat our patients. 

4. To be prepared to serve the community in the best possible way in the event of disaster. 

5. To offer meaningful and rewarding jobs to the employees of Madison Parish Hospital. 

This hospital was founded to carry out these objectives for this community. MADISON PARISH HOSPITAL is a service institution for the benefit of the citizens of this area and it must be ready to assist those who come for help at any hour of the day or night. 

Accreditation and Affiliation

The Madison Parish Service District Hospital is fully accredited by the State of Louisiana. This voluntary qualification by the Hospital is for your benefit as well as for the benefit of the patient. It is assurance for you and the patient that Madison Parish Hospital meets the highest standards of medical care in organization, equipment, and personnel. 

The Madison Parish Hospital is a member of:

•    The Louisiana Hospital Association
•    The Northeast District of Louisiana Hospital Association
•    The Rural Hospital Coalition
•    The Northeast Rural Alliance

The Madison Parish Hospital is licensed by:

•    The State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

The Madison Parish Hospital is certified by:

•    The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals for participation in Medicare and Medicaid Programs.