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Telemedicine allows real time exchange of medical information between patient and physician regardless of distance.  The advantages to telemedicine are:

  • Allows you to stay in your community while receiving specialized care
  • Access to specialists and information that you may otherwise not have due to transportation difficulties, cost of travel/gas, or limitation.
  • You have a chance to tell the specialist about your medical history and ask questions directly, instead of your symptoms being relayed through your physician
  • The specialist can ask you questions directly
  • The specialist can diagnose and recommend treatment immediately
  • Maintains the relationship between the primary care provider and the patient

Not all illnesses and problems can be diagnosed through telemedicine; some require a face-to-face physical assessment.  Though no service is perfect, telemedicine is a positive and growing medical treatment option.

Telemedicine may not be for you if you prefer a more personal or face-to-face relationship.